Cafe Address: Old Eain cafe Room 5, Building, Old Eain, 5 U Wisara Rd, Yangon 11131, Myanmar (Burma)

For foodies visiting Yangon the Tree Food cafe that specialises in vegetarian, tradional Burmese food (and treats) is certainly worthwhile visiting.

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From downtown, near the Sule Pagoda, it’s a bit of a schlep, say a 20 minutes walk.

The cafe peeks out of a residential block, hidden in a quaint street, off U Wisara Road, Yangon. It’s not really visible from the main street but on the ground floor, about a 100 metres on the right as you walk off U Wisara Road.

The Tree Food Cafe founder Cho Lei has created a unique space to relax and explore the tastes of Myanmar to create a unique flavor in her dishes.

For years she’s worked closely with the farmers of Bagan to restore traditional Burmese food into the modern recipe books.

With donations of solar food dyers and an investment in increasing hygiene within the village her business has certainly paid off. Today Cho Lei’s packaged treats are distributed in Airports and business around Myanmar but there are clearly benefits to the community with school retention rates on the rise.

It’s a social enterprise that is founded of the principles of community development, history and while being environmentally responsible.

The creative spirit is not only in the food offered at the Old Eain Cafe, but Cho Lei has designed the cafe with a flavour of it’s own.

Appreciators of history will love this place. Old Singer Sewing Machines have been given new life as tables, grandma’s old radio hangs delicately off the wall, and there is the lead weighted black phone that possibly Winston Churchill phoned his mom on.

Amongst the items for sale are wonderful souvenirs, from cups, to little treats to jams from far afield.

The atmosphere of the cafe is truly unique in Yangon, there is peace, stillness and silence. Yes, in this delightful cafe you can hear what your companions are saying.

Access: Easy from the street.

Steps: Two.

Bathroom facilities: ?

Lighting: perfect.

Noise: Limited.

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